Project Milestones


April 2005: Project commenced with Collaboration Memorandum of Understanding.

December 2006: Technical readiness achieved: FEED completed, Gas Supply Plan and Financing Plan in place and draft resettlement action plan produced.

April 2007: Ground Breaking Ceremony by President Obasanjo.

April 2007: FTZ and Land Lease Agreements executed.

August 2007: EPC tendering process concluded; Stage 1 EPC contract was awarded to Technip/Snam for Value Improvement Programme (VIP) to reduce unit cost of LNG production.

November 2008: Value Improvement Programme (VIP) concluded.

April 2009: Project put in “Preservation” by shareholders (primarily because of issues surrounding the Petroleum Bill).

March 2010: Construction of Pioneer Camp at plant site completed.

November 2010: Site visit by President Jonathan (Pioneer Camp Commissioned).

August 2011: Shareholders concluded that a clear business case exists and agreed to take Project out of Preservation.

March 2012: Project Execution Strategy submitted by SGSI.

June 2012: Upgrade of Meteorological Station completed and commissioned.

July 2013: NNPC reviewed the project status and its national strategic importance, and mandated Project Team to search for new partners.

February 2014: Commenced additional Onshore and Offshore Geotechnical Surveys

March 2014: Commenced additional Bathymetric Survey

April 2014: OKLNG Bags 2014 Global Leadership Award