Corporate Responsibility


The biodiversity of the immediate and surrounding areas in which OKLNG operate are of the utmost importance to OKLNG; it is recognised that the maintenance of the environment is vital to the local population and represents a comprehensively monitored consideration of the project.

Environmental risks shall be minimised using the Best Available Techniques Not Entailing Excessive Cost (BATNEEC) approach for planning, policy and technical matters. The Project will:

  • Comply with all Nigerian environmental laws and regulations, and international protocols
  • Achieve zero environmental non-compliance (incidents with a potentially adverse impact on the environment
  • Minimise planned discharges and emissions throughout the Project life-cycle;
  • Eliminate unnecessary waste generation, maximise re-use and recycling, and ensure that all solid and liquid wastes are disposed of in an approved and auditable manner
  • Maximise energy efficiency and minimise use of non-renewable energy resources as far as reasonably practicable
  • Ensure that all commitments made in the Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessments (ESHIA) for the Project is met.