Community Engagement

Our Strategy:

Initiate, deploy and sustain a participatory engagement process that would facilitate the active involvement of every critical segment of the society in making decisions about the nature and structure of community development projects and programs.

OKLNG Policy on Community Relations

The OKLNG Policy for Community Relations is to undertake community engagement in a proactive and continuous manner.  Our Policy requires the documentation and implementation of the processes and procedures to govern relations and engagement with the Local Communities for various project activities to ensure that our stakeholders’ expectations are met.

The community relations activities shall strive towards the following Policy objectives:

  • Foster two-way dialogue with local communities in an open, honest, structured and consistent manner.
  • Structure community input on project decision-making and community development across the range of OKLNG project activities, in consideration of FTZ responsibilities and oversight.
  • Respect the desire of the Ogun and Ondo State Governments (as the owners of the Olokola FTZ) to have a role in the engagement with local communities and the Local Government Authority.
  • Define and implement an approach to Community Relations that is aligned with the UN Global Compact on Human Rights and Security.
  • Maintain consistent messages regarding the project activities and manage the already high expectations of the local communities.
  • Sustain the peace and stability of the area through advance preparations for handling community grievances.
  • Work to develop long-standing agreements with the communities regarding development and project interaction.