OKLNG is located in the Olokola Free Trade Zone (OKFTZ), an area that extends along the coast from Ogun to Ondo States. The selection of the OKLNG site was based on the results from three separate studies, each covering a number of selection criteria.

The site was selected on the basis of favourable onshore and offshore site conditions, with good soil and marine disposition.  An important consideration in the site selection criteria is minimising social and environmental impact. The selected site was assessed by external consultants to ensure there are no fatal flaws from environmental and social standpoints. In addition, the marine solution has high constructability and low schedule risk.

    Essentially, the Olokola area was chosen because of the following criteria:

    • Beneficial soil conditions to support heavy equipment,
    • Minimal site preparation costs,
    • Minimal dredging through optimal offshore conditions,
    • Close proximity to West Delta supply sources,
    • Short distance to deep-water access for loading product to vessels,
    • Good potential for access of construction and operational manpower,
    • Close to major domestic gas markets/Support from the local communities,
    • Minimal environmental and social impact.

OKLNG is the best placed LNG project in the Gulf of Guinea region to compete in the current environment.